Helicopters in Nepal

Helicopters play a crucial role in transportation and rescue operations in Nepal, given its challenging mountainous terrain. They are often used for medical evacuations, search and rescue missions, and transportation to remote and inaccessible areas. Additionally, helicopter tours are popular among tourists for enjoying aerial views of the Himalayas. Here are some key points regarding helicopters in Nepal:

Helicopter Services:

  • Rescue and Evacuation:
    • Helicopters are frequently used for medical evacuations in emergency situations, especially in remote mountainous regions where access is difficult. Companies like Fishtail Air, Simrik Air, and Mountain Helicopters are involved in such rescue operations.
  • Mountain Flights:
    • Several companies offer mountain flight tours using helicopters, providing passengers with breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest. These tours are popular among tourists seeking a unique and scenic experience.
  • Charter Services:
    • Helicopter charter services are available for various purposes, including aerial surveys, corporate travel, and private tours. Companies like Shree Airlines and Simrik Air provide charter services.
  • Trekking and Expedition Support:
    • Helicopters are used to transport trekkers and mountaineers to and from base camps and remote trekking areas. They are also employed for carrying supplies during expeditions. Companies such as Air Dynasty and Mountain Helicopters offer these services.
  • Aerial Sightseeing:
    • Helicopter tours are popular for sightseeing purposes, providing tourists with the opportunity to see Nepal’s diverse landscapes, including mountains, valleys, and cultural sites.
  • Helicopter Companies:
    • Some notable helicopter companies operating in Nepal include:
      • Fishtail Air
      • Simrik Air
      • Shree Airlines
      • Air Dynasty
      • Mountain Helicopters
      • Altitude Air

Booking Helicopter Services:

  • Through Tour Operators:
    • Many tour operators in Nepal can arrange helicopter services for various purposes, including mountain flights, treks, and charters. They often have partnerships with helicopter companies.
  • Directly with Helicopter Companies:
    • Some helicopter companies allow customers to book services directly through their websites or offices. This is common for charter services, trekking support, and mountain flights.
  • Hotels and Travel Agencies:
    • Hotels and travel agencies in major tourist destinations may assist in arranging helicopter services for tourists. They often collaborate with reputable helicopter companies.
  • In Emergency Situations:
    • In case of emergency situations, rescue services can be coordinated through local authorities, tour operators, or directly with helicopter companies that specialize in rescue operations.


  • Weather Conditions:
    • Helicopter operations in Nepal are highly dependent on weather conditions, especially in mountainous areas. Flights may be delayed or canceled due to adverse weather.
  • Safety Standards:
    • Choose helicopter companies with a strong safety record and compliance with aviation regulations. Reputable companies prioritize safety and adhere to industry standards.
  • Altitude Limitations:
    • Understand the altitude limitations of helicopters. Some helicopters may have restrictions on the maximum altitude they can reach, especially in high-altitude areas.
  • Advance Booking:
    • For popular services like mountain flights or charter services, it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

When considering helicopter services in Nepal, it’s important to plan ahead, communicate your requirements clearly, and be flexible due to weather-related uncertainties in mountainous regions. Always choose reputable companies with a proven track record in safety and service quality.