Our Teams

Himalayas Destination Management Company (HDMC) is a group of professionals responsible for managing and promoting a specific Himalayas destination, Nepal Tibet, Bhutan and India such as a city, region, or tourist area. The primary goal of a DMT is to enhance the overall visitor experience, attract tourists, and ensure the sustainable development of the destination’s tourism industry. Here is an overview of the roles and responsibilities typically associated with a destination management team:

Chairman- Himalayas DMC
Sujata Kadel
Chairman, MD

I am a hard worker and a fast learner, with an eye for detail. I have experience leading large groups of people through multiple projects in order to provide solutions to business problems.e.

Kedar Neupane
Founder, CEO

Mr Kedar Neupane is a Founder and managing director of this Company which was founded on March 2010. On the Age of 19thwith his single effort, he established this company with vision to provide young leadership in the tourism industries.

Sushil Tiwari
Administrative Management

Mr Sushil Tiwari is a dedicated and enthusiastic travel expert with a passion for exploring new cultures and destinations. He is always eager to gain hands-on experience in the travel industry, offering strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn.

Paul Miller
France Travel Guide

Paul is an energetic trekking guide with experience of 5 years as tour guide in France. He is cool, funny and helpful.

Henry Smith
Chief Travel Guide

Henry is one of the professional travel guides. He had been working in this company from last five years.

Jannet Jhonson

Jannet has been with us since the company is started. Her managerial skills is top notch with friendly behaviour.

Patrick Watson
Travel Gudie

Patrick is a veteran trekking guide. He has been frequently working with us since 2000. He is dedicated to his job honestly.

Anna Romanov
Travel Guide

Anna, a very young, friendly, and energetic. She one the most trust worthy guide of our company.

Simon Wilson
Travel Guide

Simon is originally from the eastern part of Europe. He has been actively working in the tourism sector for 25 years.